The Best Sites For Personal Classifieds

You might think that choosing the women that you are going to strike up conversations with or contact on dating sites is the most important decisions you are going to make when you start online dating, and you would be right. But just as important is the sites you sign up to way before you get to this point. If you do not choose the correct the best personal classified sites then you are never going to find the right women.

Finding The Right Site For You

However, people still insist on just going straight for the big names without actually looking around to see if those sites are really going to serve them well. The best personal classified sites are going to be, well, personal, and you should always consider what you want out of these personal classifieds sites before signing up. Look around all the sites you can find, whether they be the big sites or the smaller startups, and whether they cater to the world or to just your street. Also consider if there are any particular peccadilloes you might have that you think will help narrow down the search. If you like goth girls, then I bet there are goth-only dating sites out there just waiting for you.

The Top Classified Sites

If you are trying to find the best personal classifieds sites online but an unsure where to start, then you can check this comparison site or here are a few of my favorites. Have a look at these and then add a few of you own to the list so that you have a wide range of possibilities to choose from.

match is a very popular site


OK, so it is likely that you have heard of It is one of the biggest sites out there, and for that reason you should give it a look. It can be tempting to shy away from the big sites, thinking that there will just be too much competition on such sites and you will be drowned out. That kind of defeatist attitude will make sure that you do not get any dates. These types of sites are definitely the ‘go big, or go home’ kind of sites. You have to make sure that your profile is the one that is going to stand out from the thousands of others on such a site and the one that all the women want to read. To do this you have to come up with a memorable profile that sticks in their head. My best tip for doing this is going quirky. Come up with a strange, funny profile that the ladies will actually want to read all the way through and you can bet that they will be emailing asking for more.

chemistry Logo

Chemistry is one of the biggest sites around


Chemistry is a great site that is mostly free and has become one of the largest on the internet. The developers have put a lot of effort into making the site look great and to develop features that you do not find one other sites, no matter how much you are paying. These features include large forums, with hundreds of users that allow you to chat freely with people about all and sundry. These can be great ways to meet people locally, even if not for dating. They have forums dedicated to the big areas like New York, San Francisco, an LA, and to somewhere in most states, so you can always find people to hang out with and chat to. They also have compatibility questionnaires, just like you find on all the big dating sites.


eHarmony has millions of members


eHarmony is a great site, as long as you are willing to wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right. The site asks you a crazy amount of questions in order to set up 29 variables about your personality, interests, wants, and desires and then finds those members who are highly compatible with you. The problem is that this restricted searching can mean you are waiting weeks for members who the computer has deemed worthy, and then if you do not hit it off, you are back to square one. It also doesn’t allow you to contact anyone else, so if you do not find the right one in the list of the ones eHarmony has deemed right, you are fat out of luck.

The plus side to this is that usually it is correct, and the people you are matched with are likely to be really good matches for you and likely to be the right person for you.These are the best personal classifieds sites that you are likely to find in America right now. You are likely to have heard of most, if not all of these before, but there is a reason for that: they work. That does not means that you shouldn’t shop around looking for deals on other sites and choosing the site that best works for you. Remember, the site you choose will ultimately decide the women you choose too.

Five Healthy Foods (That Are Actually Aphrodisiacs)

sex drive

Eat foods that enhance your sex drive

Victoria offers plenty of dating sites online, but after you get a girlfriend from a professional dating service from this top-sites list, you need to take it to the next step – into bed. Some women think that men are only after one thing, and even if you are, it’s crucial that you play it cool and be subtle. If you go after her right away she’s sure to be put off, and you probably won’t be getting that second date. If it’s past the second date, then you’ve done a good job being patient and it’s time you get your reward. If your girlfriend is tough to get into bed, subconsciously persuading her with a few aphrodisiacs in disguise as healthy foods.


is chocolate aphrodisiac

Yes, chocolate actually works

Okay, you probably don’t consider chocolate a healthy food, but in moderation it’s actually very good for you. Chocolate is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which aid in digestion and weight loss. Dark chocolate also has caffeine, which will stimulate her, and will cause a spike in her dopamine levels, inducing pleasure. Top off a romantic home-cooked meal with a nice dark chocolate mousse or, if you aren’t much of a chef, some chocolate cake. It seems decadent and sweet, but it also will help get her going. If you really want to do it right, feed her the cake or mousse yourself; nothing is more sensual than letting her eat off your spoon (or fingers). Couple this with some red wine and dark chocolate shavings, and you’re sure to have a night to remember. If she doesn’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry – you can actually melt dark chocolate in with some soy sauce and ginger to create a perfect steak marinade that she won’t be able to get enough of. You can also use it as a dipping sauce for chicken skewers, and she’ll have no idea that there’s chocolate in there at all.



If she is not allergic to it, then include it in your dishes

Almonds can be used in just about any dish, and unless she’s allergic to nuts she’s sure to love them. This is another amazing source of those monounsaturated fatty acids mentioned above, and it goes perfectly with chocolate if you want to double up on aphrodisiacs. On top of that, almonds are naturally filling and will keep her from feeling bloated when you get her to the bedroom. Victoria women are gorgeous, but every woman feels insecure if she feels bloated so just bypass that by tossing some almonds into the mix. If you’re a cook, then go ahead and get ambitious with a nice seared chicken dish garnished with sliced almonds. Make it really healthy by having a salad or steamed asparagus on the side – all of this will sit easily with her digestion and won’t come back to bite you when you take it behind closed doors. The scent will get her blood pumping and will keep her energized for a night of sex. Just make sure before you cook that she isn’t allergic – chances are she didn’t mention that on her professional dating service profile.



Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed

There seems to be a trend with monounsaturated fatty acids making women wet, but avocados are another great MUFA source that will get her into your bed instead of out the door at the end of the night. With a reputation as an aphrodisiac dating as far back as the Aztecs, avocados should for sure be on the menu for your next romantic meal. The best part about avocados is that you can have them sliced on the plate or slipped into other parts of the meal easily. If she claims to not like avocados, then clearly she hasn’t tried a decadent and healthy mango smoothie. The avocado is perfectly blended into the mango and other fruit juices to give it a silky smooth texture (and all the aphrodisiac benefits of avocados) without the taste that put her off. If she just isn’t a fan of plain avocados, mash some with lime juice, sea salt, and onions with cumin to create a great homemade guacamole to use a chip dip or garnish. Put it into a salad with some tortilla chip strips, chicken, and black beans to make a delicious southwestern salad that will get her in the mood while pleasing her taste buds.


most nutritious food

One of the most nutritious food

There’s a reason that pomegranates are linked to the ancient tale of Hades and his love for Persephone – the tiny seeds gleam like rubies and look absolutely irresistible on the table. Sadly pomegranates are seasonal, so look for them around the holidays to enjoy them at their best. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but also they’re also rich in antioxidants, which she’ll love. Pomegranate juice and teas are becoming increasingly popular, so she’ll have heard a lot about their benefits. Professional dating service sites usually have places for her to put her favorite foods and drinks, and it’s likely that some sort of pomegranate beverage will have made its way on there. Pomegranates help blood flow, which will come in handy for getting her in the mood, and it can also be a huge benefit to you. If you have a tough time getting it up, eating some pomegranate seeds has been shown to help with erectile dysfunction and get you hard in no time flat. No more awkward moments trying to get it up without her noticing what’s wrong and ending up embarrassed. Pomegranate seeds can be eaten plain (try feeding them to her for a great response), but they can also be blended into ice cream or sprinkled over chocolate cake. The rich flavor will send shivers down her spine, and you’ll have her in the bag.



This is the right way to eat strawberries

This is probably the most obvious item on the list, but strawberries are a cliché sex food for a good reason. This is another one that helps with blood flow, and running them down her body will stimulate her in ways you’ve never imagined. Sharing strawberries between the two of you will really get her going, and the tang of the acid will have her squirming. These delicious fruits are in season all year long, but are best in the late summer. Strawberries are also notoriously cheap, so you can easily have a great aphrodisiac without breaking the bank. Melt down some chocolate chips in a double burner to dip them in as an elegant and tasty dessert, slice them with sugar over angel cake with whipped cream, or serve them plain. You can also use them in any blended drinks you make and use them as a garnish, and she won’t suspect a thing.

Most women absolutely love strawberries, so don’t worry if you didn’t see anything mentioned about them on her professional dating service profile. If things start getting hot and heavy, take those babies to the bedroom with you. The chill of the fruit and mild bite of the acid will make her moan, and if you couple that with some chocolate sauce or whipped cream you can just enjoy dessert in bed. Even if she’s tricky to get into bed, strawberries are the perfect way to send the message without telling her right out that you want in her pants; they’re classically romantic, and are most commonly used during passionate dates.

Bagging a Hookup with a Model

For a lot of men, hopping in the sack with a really sexy lady seems like it’s something entirely out of reach. Here’s the thing – it’s definitely not. You can be an average looking guy and get the hottest lady in the room if you know how to work what you’ve got, and how to really impress her. She might be looking for a booty call, too, so there’s really no reason not to give it a go. She’s not out of your league. She just wants something different than a lot of girls… or she might not even want that. Every lady is different, and it shouldn’t be her looks that determine how you go about handling her for a one-night stand.

A Booty Call is Not about Looks

compliment her

Do not compliment her on her looks, go for her personality

And it never should be. The thing that you need to remember about models, or girls that are just as hot as models, is that they aren’t any different than any other woman. Even if they know they’re hot, they just expect to be complimented accordingly and for you to move past that. There are a ton of guys out there that are just after them for their looks, and that’s why you can’t linger on that fact. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Montreal or if you’re in China; these women don’t want a man who’s going to be chasing them for a booty call just because they’re hot. You have to read this guide on, You will understand it much better. Even if that’s the case, don’t take the time to tell them that. Actually act like you’re interested in them and you’re going to get much, much further than you would if you were just complimenting how big their tits are. It’s also not about your looks. You might be an average looking guy, but so are we. We’re not gorgeous magazine models that can lure these women in with just a wink. It’s all about working what you’ve got, and knowing how to dress well to attract the right woman. On top of that, it’s all about personality. If you’ve got the confidence, then she’s going to be turned on by you and be one heck of a lot more interested in you. Keep this in mind when you’re chasing after this kind of booty call, and you’ll end up in bed with her a lot faster than you could imagine.

Personal Hygiene Is Extremely Important

personal hygiene

Take care of your personal hygiene

If you’re an average guy, then you are going to need to spend more time on your personal hygiene than you would if you want to bag a chick that’s a lot hotter than you are. You should always be focusing on this kind of thing in the first place, but with these ladies, it’s at least a dozen times more important. We’re not just talking add some gel to your hair and spray on Axe until you can’t breathe. That’s not going to make you hot to them, and if anything, it’s going to turn them off. You want to look like a sophisticated, confident man, and not like a teenager who’s going on a first date. When it comes to cologne, keep it light and simple. The whole point of fragrance in the first place, especially when it comes to a booty call, is to make your partner lean in to catch more of your scent. When you’re smothering the room with it, no one is going to want to lean in. They’re all going to want to run away. This is the kind of thing that’s going to make the hottest chick in the room think you’re overcompensating, so pass on that method and try anything else to get her attention. It’s incredibly important that you shave before you go after ladies like this. While a neat, trimmed goatee, beard, or whatever other facial hair you have is fine, don’t be scraggly. Also, definitely don’t try to go for the five o’clock shadow look that makes you end up looking like a drunkard that’s off his rocker. That’s not going to turn her on, and it’s going to send her packing to Montreal and far away from you. Your clothes are incredibly important as well. They don’t have to be designer, but what they do need to be is clean, pressed, and well put together in general. Don’t try to hook up with a sexy model if you’re dressed in a wife beater and jeans. It’s not going to work, and it’s just going to make her roll her eyes if you aren’t working it like a superstar.

What Is It about, Then? The Secret Is Brains

engaging conversation

Go for an engaging conversation

If you can carry on one hell of a conversation and can really command a room, then you’re going to attract the sexiest women around without a doubt. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an online dating site or if you’re hooking up with gorgeous women in a bar; if you can hold an amazing, engaging conversation, and make it very obviously that you’re well-read and intelligent, that’s going to turn them on more than anything. They want a guy who’s going to be scintillating in his presence, and that all comes with the words that are coming from your mouth. While we’re not saying you need to be an Einstein, you just need to know how to be bright, witty, and really engage them in conversation; chat them up about their interests, and apply what you know in order to get them talking. By engaging them in a conversation that’s actually related to them, you’re going to find yourself really holding their attention, and you’ll be a lot better off when it comes to steering them towards the bedroom.

Talk about Them, Not Their Looks

know her

Try to know her, she would like that

Again, this isn’t about their looks, while she might be drop-dead gorgeous and use that for a living, the model chick isn’t going to want to hear about that all the time. She hears it on a daily basis, and that’s her shtick. Instead, stick to talking about what she’s into. If she’s into arts, talk about that. You can always compliment her on the photos she’s taken in a recent magazine if you know about it, or you can get her to talk about work that she’s done elsewhere, but don’t focus on it. It’s far more engaging to her for you to try and get into her head about her hobbies and interests that don’t deal with her looks, because then you’re not just every other guy in the room that’s after her for the way she looks.Hooking up with a gorgeous woman really isn’t that difficult, but like with every woman, it’s just a matter of knowing how to appeal to her and make her feel like you’re a real catch. If you can learn how to do this, even if you’re chasing after the most beautiful woman in the room, you’re not going to have any trouble bagging any kind of lady. It’s important that you always focus on them – but not their lovely faces – when you’re trying to get them in the sack. By doing that, you’re going to have the game that every other guy in the room is dying to have.

What You Should Look For In A Girlfriend

How do you decide whether the girl you are currently seeing is really girlfriend material? This is one of life’s biggest questions, up there alone with how we came to be here, and why people go to One Direction concerts. However, at least this question has a few answers, or at least a few pointers that can point you in the right direction as to whether she is worth it or not.When you start seeing a girl, it might be that you are only interested in one thing. But as time passes, and love blossoms, you move to think of her in more than just a physical way, and come to cherish her. You will start to feel that she has all the best traits of a girlfriend, but it can be difficult to work out whether this is just your hormones convincing you, or whether she really is as good as she seems. But if she has these three qualities, then you can be assured that you are making the right decision by being with her…

good time girl

A girl who is good fun is great

She Gives You Space

It might be strange deciding that she is the right girl for you because she leaves you alone, but every guy knows it’s true. We all need space, and it is even more important in a relationship than out of it. When you are on your own, you have all the space in the world, but when you are coupled up, then you have to carve out your own part of the world, lest you be entirely subsumed in the ‘couple’.We have all seen it happen to fellow men. There every move of every day is planned out for them by their girlfriend or wife, and they cannot go out and do their own thing. They disappear from the bar, from the gym, and from their friends. You might see them once in a while, but always with their significant other in tow. The desperation in their eyes is obvious to other guys, but they just cannot escape.The best girlfriends know when their man needs some alone time, or some buddy time, and allows them that space. This is borne of trust. The women that latch on to their men, never letting them out of their sight are the ones that are fearful worried that the man will stray when he is gone. The good girls know that he is always coming back.

quality girlfriend

You need to be happy together

She Likes You

This one should be obvious, but it is unfortunately one that many men miss out when they are looking for a girlfriend. The girl make be happy to hook up with you, she might even be OK with a few dates, but she is also always looking past you, looking for what else is on offer. This is most evident when the two people are not quite on the same attractiveness level. Maybe she is an 8, and he is a passable 6. If so, she will always be looking for another 8 to hook up with and the guy will always be in love with her.Therefore you need to make sure that the girl really does like you. Is she interested in what you have to say? Does she laugh at your jokes, even the terrible ones? Is she happy to just lounge around with you, not always looking for something better to come alone. These are the signs that you need to look out for if you want to be sure that the girl really does like you. If she does, and if she shows it, then she really could be girlfriend material.

hot girlfriend

If she looks like this then you have struck lucky

She’s Hot

OK, so if you’ve got this one then you might put all the other ones aside. We all want a hot girlfriend, but we can’t all get one. But this might have less to do with looks, and more to do with personality. Women want to be treated special, they want men who take an interest in them, and they want a guy who with move heaven and earth for them. If you are willing to do such things, it matters not that she is a supermodel and you are descended from the Quasimodos, you may well still be in with a chance.

It is all to do with confidence. If she is hot, she’ll have it in droves (at least on the outside), so you need it to. Even if you have to fake it, a little confidence, a nice smile, and a lot of charm is enough to win a hot girl, and make her girlfriend material.If the girl of your dreams has all of these traits, then buddy, you are in luck. You should definitely cement the relationship and make it as strong as possible to make sure you do not lose such a special girl.

Free Advice On How To Get Your Ex Back

For some reason, there are unusually large amounts of websites that are trying to sell the same information that you’ll get by reading a decent blog for huge sums of money. When you are in a period of emotional distress and are acting illogically, I suppose it would be easy to put your faith in the idea that paying for knowledge is going to make you get your ex girlfriend back quicker and getting her back would be worth the money.

However, there are really only a few things that you need to do to get the maximum chances of getting your ex back, all of which I’ll tell you for free.

Getting your ex back is never going to be easy for you or your ex. In general, there’s a reason your relationship broke down and to get back together with your ex you are going to have to convince them of why they should get back together with you and how you will make things different if they decide to give you another chance.

get him back

Find a way to get your ex back

For this reason, people often advise that when you break up with your ex, you should try to avoid talking to them for quite a while whilst your emotions calm down and you get a level head. Being able to think straight is really important because people often act on a purely emotional basis and this almost never works out the way they hope it will. Emotions will lead to dangerous and annoying behavior, like calling and texting your ex repeatedly until they finally pick up. It is a major waste of everyone’s time when someone does this and you’ll want to make sure that it isn’t you who makes this amateur mistake.

Giving your ex time to get their head straight is the most important thing that you can do to try and get your relationship back on track.  The difference between those who get their ex partners back and those that do not get them back is the amount of effort that they put in to improving themselves over the time period that you now have free. This is where most of the money making scams are perpetrated, by getting you to buy their expensive book about how to improve yourself. You don’t actually need a book based on self improvement to help yourself out, you just need to figure out the flaws in your personality and go from there. In general, meditation is one of the most useful and widely applicable skills that you can learn and mastering meditation will make you more mindful about what harm/good your actions can cause in the greater world.

When you are mindful of what is going on in your life, you’ll be able to spot problems before they are problems and take the requisite steps to stop them from happening. The saying goes ‘The best medicine is prevention.’ and this is never more true in relationships.

a true relationship

The best medicine is prevention

After you have spent a while meditating on the relationship and where it all went wrong, try to show your ex how you understand how they feel and understand more about the problems they faced and you are trying hard to make sure they don’t happen. Demonstrating this is key, as words are simply words and anyone can say they will change, without lifting a finger and doing any of the hard work required to truly change rather than act in a different way in the presence of others. This, if you do it correctly should be enough to get your ex back, for a second chance at the relationship with them. Once you actually have your ex back however, the real tough work begins. You will have less time to improve yourself as you will be spending lots of the time you had with your partner and that means you have to focus on more things that can go wrong in less time. Whilst you can stop a fair share of problems in a relationship, it is not fair for your partner to blame any mishap on you.

Whilst I recommend trying harder and improving yourself to get your ex back, don’t become a pushover who is too eager to please in the process. Nobody respects someone that they can just walk all over, so make sure this isn’t what you end up becoming. In addition, do you really want your ex back or is it simply the companionship you are missing? Lots of people get focused on getting their exes back with no thought about what they are going to do if they actually get them back. This often leads to break ups again in a short period of time in the future, meaning you should be careful what you wish for.

Change Your Sex Life Tonight and Forever

Sex drives our world. We are bombarded with confusing ideas of sex in advertising, movies, music. If one gets the wrong messages, one would think that the key to a good sex life is to sleep with a bunch of strangers. Wildly carousing through the streets latching onto someone nearby, feeling the thrill of uncertainty, unfamiliarity, and letting your desires fly. Love does not work in this manner. Love becomes stronger through time spent together and wonderful memories. Maintaining the thrill in a relationship crucial. Periods of readjustment are necessary over the span of a long-term relationship. If you are bored with the idea of sex with your partner, then it is time for a readjustment. Take the action necessary to reignite your passion. Build your love nest, empower your imagination, foster your creativity, and give your partner a night they won’t forget.

casual sex

Sex is a big industry. It’s driving love, movies and wars

Transform Your Love Nest

We have all seen the romantic, sensual sex scenes in movies with the candlelit room, the music, the slow build to an amazing evening movies, but how often do we actually put the effort and time to replicate these scenes and arouse all of our senses? The movies are able to turn us on and they are only using two of the five senses, sound and sight. Imagine if we actually incorporated all five senses.  If we arouse all five, we become fully engaged in the moment. So, take the time to assemble a bedroom that can quickly and effectively transform into your love nest. Set candles on bookshelves and tables. Have photographs of nature on the wall. Make a playlist with song that will create a unique memory. I’m talking about songs that are just saying she is a nice gal, or he is your one true love. Put on some sexy music with bass and a melody that builds over time. Your purpose is to serve the other person and give them a memory they won’t forget. Make them feel sexy. They will thank you in many ways.

Start the Build Up Early

The idea is to plant the seed of desire early in the day. Trigger the idea of sex in your partner’s mind and let their imagination chew on it. In the movies, we see the swell guy send the gal a bouquet of flowers. She is flattered, blushes. They kiss and we never see what happens next. This happens in forty year old movies, or with boring partners. Think about the movies now. We live in a different time. Send your partner a few sexy text messages. Give a few hints. Let your partner play back. Like a tennis game, you are hitting the ball back and forth. This activity is fun, amusing and creates energy. Sex is playful; Be playful. Change the intensity with the pacing and language of the text. When you are writing the text, use descriptions that appeal to the five senses. If your partner can imagine the visuals, the touches, the smells and tastes, they will be ready to jump you at a moment’s notice. Spend time writing consecutive messages, then take a break, only to return later. Both of you will become more aroused, and your arousal will only build. Pay more attention to the psychological factors of our sex drive. A woman’s sex drive is predominantly psychological. Guys, through text messaging you could make her feel as if she just had sex with you. Powerful. The experience for guys is also greatly enhanced through psychological play, as well. Both of you will encounter a more aroused mate and the intensity will build to a level you thought would never be reached. Stay playful and the night will be an experience you won’t forget.

build the mood

Make her drink to make her feel more comfortable. But don’t push her

Switch It Up

Research different sex positions and use four to five different positions in a session.  Spend time researching new techniques that will excite you. Sure, the amount of different positions may be daunting, but here is a clue that will help. Any position counts. A back massage counts. Oral sex counts. Even playing with their hair and giving a scalp massage could count as a position. Using a toy counts. Each position counts so long as you spend the time to vary the pace and intensity. Remember  back to when you were texting your partner. You were experimenting with the pace and intensity of the messages. You began to notice the energy building through playfulness. In the bed, you must foster the same playfulness. Keep the other person guessing. Both you and your partner will never feel bored again. Think of it as a rock concert that is building to atmosphere. Each song in set is chosen to change the pace and intensity. By the end of the set, the band wants to build to a great climax, ending with the highest energy possible. Think of your sex life in this playful way. Afterwards, you may get a few encores. The variety of pacing and intensity of multiple positions, will transform your sex from a quick session into an event to remember.

Take Life’s Rewards


Appreciate the great things from life

Make a commitment to enjoy all of life’s pleasures. This is the part of the article where the advice transforms into a life philosophy. There are moments when our senses should be our primary input of information. Sure that sounds technical, but lets think further. With sex, we are meditating on all of the senses. The busy world outside no longer exists; time is no longer a concern. This focus on the senses allows our brain to take in the moment uninhibited. We are fully engaged in the present moment. You can practice this awareness of the senses every day. Practice meditating on the taste of your morning coffee, go to a wine tasting, smell and taste every detail of your meal. Go to the gym and feel the contraction of your muscles. Go for a run and celebrate your body’s ability to move and flow with high-energy. Take a hike through the woods, or park. Enjoy the beauty and peace. By renewing our focus from time to time on life’s greatest pleasures, we are practicing moments when we can become completely aware of the present. Our ability to focus on one moment will not only enhance our sex life, but also the way we spend our leisure time.

Take time and creativity to change your sex life. Even in one night, you can give your partner something unpredictable and tantalizing. You may feel awkward at first, but you can get used to this sort of sex life quickly. You will feel your relationship become stronger and life itself become more vibrant. By taking time to enjoy life’s pleasures,  your senses come alive. Your food tastes better than ever. Nature becomes more vibrant. Art and music speak to you louder than ever before. And, your bedroom becomes a place where you and your partner express each other’s deepest desires.

Reasons Why Teenagers Consider Their Phones as an Extension to Their Daily Lives

People treat cell phones as necessities, things they can’t live without. And that’s why most people own one. It’s not just the older individuals who have cell phones, but even teenagers. These teens have even fallen in love with their phones so much that many of them seem to have their own world – them and their phones. Why are teens in love with their phones? Let’s find out why.

It has everything they need.

All sorts of things that teens need are found in their phones. Games, music, pictures, and even maps are found in cell phones. Their cell phones have already taken the place of outdated game consoles as well as CD players.

They can text their friends whenever they feel lonely. There are also a lot of apps that provide enjoyment such as Siri. Teens can let go of all their other gadgets if they have a phone with fantastic features. They won’t even mind staying inside a room for the entire day as long as they have their phones. They know their phones will entertain them.

It helps them during uncomfortable situations.

Teens use their phones too look occupied. They won’t look like they’re out of place. Also, people won’t stare at them. One perfect scenario is when a teen walks into a room and everyone stares at him or her. This is an awkward situation. By making use of the phone, one can easily get out of that situation.

83pc of teens own a smartphone

83pc of teens own a smartphone

It is essential in social interaction.

They stay in touch with friends through text messages and joining friend groups. A teen that doesn’t have a phone will easily feel left out. It’s going to be hard for him or her to socialize with friends. Considering that teens want to fit in, they make use of their phones all the time to ensure that they’re always updated and won’t be left behind.

It’s convenient to use.

Rather than using a laptop or desktop, teens prefer to use their phones when browsing the Internet as it’s more convenient. They can also take their phones wherever they go. Also, since they can access the Web through their phones, teenagers will find themselves with a new world of information.

There are a lot of benefits of having a phone, which is why parents provide cell phones to their teenagers. It’s a great idea to provide each teen with a phone since it gives them independence without compromising their safety. Teenagers know that their parents are just a phone call away in case something goes wrong. Despite the importance of having a phone, parents should never forget to guide their kids. Teens may forget about their other priorities such as school when they’re too fascinated with their phones.  

The typical American teenager

The typical American teenager

Prioritizing in a Relationship: YOU are most important

Love and relationships are important part of anyone’s life. But it is not life itself. Life begins with you. It is important to cultivate the pertinent philosophy of the late Thomas Leonard. He introduced the unique concept of being selfish before being charitable. In life, if you are not self sufficient and happy with oneself then there will be very little chance of being happy in a relationship. This is not to suggest that you should become a narcissistic self obsessed individual but to prioritize yourself before all others. This way not only do you develop yourself as a better individual but also achieve immense internal happiness. A successful relationship is possible only when you are extremely comfortable in your own skin.


Love is very important in our lives.

Love is very important in our lives. It is a means through which we sustain ourselves during difficult period. This does not imply that you need someone for love. Love is a quality that you acquire from immense satisfaction with yourself. When you love yourself you develop the unconditional feature of loving another. Similarly, generosity with self will lead to a generous behavior towards others. There will be various advices coming from different ends about how you should lead your life. Don’t get swayed with borrowed wisdom. Learn to cultivate your own sense of right and wrong. Only you will know what is best for you. It is of utmost importance to understand your own sense of self worth. This way you project yourself to the world as an authentic and genuine person.

A self conducted research on various philosophies and ideas is mandatory. In a relationship you should be acutely aware of the kind of expectations you have not only from your partner but also from yourself. This requires a rigorous process of self evaluation and improvement. Success begins with you and hence there is dire need to start loving yourself before you start loving others.

DOs and DONTs of Sexting

Sexting is a very popular form of connecting with someone you want to be romantic with. However, sometimes people tend to be quite unknowledgeable about the guidelines and rules of Sexting. There are so many people that don’t know the right etiquette of Sexting causing them to turn being misunderstood. Texting a single wrong message can be misinterpreted because unlike actually dating words speak for you think and what to say to a person. This is why it is vital to know the etiquette of Sexting so that you don’t windup sounding like a fool during your mobile conversation.


- Start slowly

There really is no rush when it comes to sexting. It is in its own form of mobile foreplay and well we all know how foreplay is basically all about having a very slow build up. Don’t try to skip steps and rush instantly rush into the good parts of Sexting, but instead take your time to tease and taunt. You need to keep up a decent floe for hours.Â

- Sext someone that you trust

It probably isn’t the wisest thing to do to send a kinky dirty text to a person you have only been dating for only a couple days. Sexting should only be shared with someone that you are able to place all of your trust in. Otherwise you may come crying to your friend when all your naughty texts and pics have turned up online. Just sext someone that you know you can actually be intimate with even without a mobile phone.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Sexting

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Sexting

- Sext if you’re apart at night

Whether you’re out for the night with all your friends or you are away for a business trip, sexting can be a smart way to really keep that spark burning to remind your partner how you’re always thinking and wanting them. Sexting has been done for years by couples all over the world and it definitely does keep relationships hot and sexy.

- Remember to delete messages

It might be a lot of fun to look at those spicy messages when you get lonely but when a friend or relative barrows your phone and sees those messages, the last thing that you want is to explain who you’re texting with. Always delete every conversation after you sext because you don’t want to end up looking like a weird pervert to those who may use your phone.


- Sext someone you have never intimately been with

This type of fun is restricted to those who haven’t already done the intimate things that you do in bed. So basically if you haven’t actually been with the person, don’t sext with them as that would just be awkward and weird Sexting someone who you have never been romantically with can be very creepy and simply borderline harassment.

Indian Affairs Desk : Did you

Indian Affairs Desk : Did you

- Text things that you wouldn’t say in person

The cool thing about sexting people is that you don’t see the person face to face so your confidence is quite higher than normal. There are no reactions so you don’t have to worry about embarrassment. Don’t ever text a message to someone that you would never say to that person in real life. If you cannot imagine yourself saying something as strange in person, then you probably should not say it on the text.

By following the Do’s and don’ts above you will finally be able to sext the person you like with proper etiquette.

The 5 Best Post-Workout Foods You Need To Eat For Your Body’s Recovery

Losing weight and gaining shape is not enough. Working out is a good thing, but if you do too much of it without allowing your body to recover, all your hard work may just go downhill from there. It doesn’t matter what you do – running, swimming, playing basketball, lifting weights, etcetera. If you train every day, your body needs to get back the nutrients it lost to make sure it recovers from what it endured. And if you want to keep on going with your intense workouts day by day, make sure you eat these recovery foods after your exhausting sessions to keep your body and mind in good condition.

Chocolate Milk

One of the most popular (and cheapest) post-workout foods is the chocolate milk. If you’ve never heard of it before, you better start believing it now. All you need is two cups of this delicious drink and it’s enough to give your glycogen levels (muscle & liver-stored carbs) a boost. Replenishing the glycogen that was lost would mean your body will be able to recover correctly for your next workout.

Fruit Smoothie 

This is a no brainer. It’s got naturally explosive flavors, it’s refreshing, and it helps your body recover from that overly intense workout. Since buying one would mean it’s laced with sugary syrup and fat, you need to make your own. Make sure your ingredients are fat free. Try adding yoghurt, fruit nectar, and honey to fruits like bananas, mangoes, and strawberries, among others. There’s a lot of smoothie recipes online loaded with lots of vitamins & minerals. Make sure you check it out.

Chocolate Milk Has Muscle

Chocolate Milk Has Muscle

Meal Replacement Shakes/Drinks 

You won’t have a hard time finding a good meal replacement shake to drink after your workout. But you have to be careful in choosing one that’s right for you as not all of them are as healthy as they appear to be in advertisements. Look for one that would still be able to provide fewer calories, fats, protein, and carbs per serving. Again, look to its vitamin and mineral content. Most of them, however, are rich in sugar, so always drink in moderation.

Eggs With Bread Or Potatoes

This is a great combination of protein and carbs. And it isn’t even hard to create! You can do an simple egg salad, eggs on toast, what have you. You may also try to pair your eggs with other starchy foods, such as a salted pretzel or whole-wheat pasta. One egg is enough, and don’t go overboard with the carbs.

Bread With Banana And Peanut Butter

This combination isn’t just for kids. And there’s a reason why it’s considered as a good post-workout food. It’s the classic carb-protein-fat combination that is both satisfying and nourishing. But the good news? It isn’t too heavy on the calories nor will it give you that heavy feeling after you eat it. So indulge!

Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread

Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread

Be sure to take one of these after you workout so your performance won’t suffer on your next session. It will sure help you build your strength and consistency. Good luck!

Investing Mistakes To Avoid At The Age Of 30

When your retirement is fast approaching, there are some things that you must understand and prevent yourself from doing. It is understandable that when the retirement is nearly coming, there are a lot of things that you imagine to happen. There are also some other people who imagine traveling to different places where they want to go, or invest their retirement fee in the business. Well, whatever things you have in mind, the most important is to free yourself from things that can give you problems in the future. The careful planning helps you a lot to organize things to do in the future. Given here below are the things that you must prevent.

  1. Actively manage your expenses. There are many professional who are willing to save their money. Each of them has their own styles on how they can save their money. There are financial consultants who will advise or suggest you to switch on actively managed funds. The actively managed funds also mean that you will be paying more. The commissions would be between 2.5% to 3% annually and the only way to make a practicable solution is to eliminate the fees as well as commissions attached to it.

  1. Keep distance with individual stocks. If you can see that your retirement funds are still far from what you imagine a carefree life, your tendency is to invest it in the stock market, thinking that you can multiply it. This is a common mistake among retirees, because the individual stock trading demand years for you to learn and even years for you to master.

    Five investment mistakes to

    Five investment mistakes to

  1. Stay away from loans. Debts can really ruin your dreams after retirement if you don’t manage your finances well. As much as possible, control your expenses and stay from debts that you cannot longer manage.

  1. Considering another 30 year mortgage. This is a big NO-NO for all retirees. This will drain your retirement out of your bank if you consider having this one. As much as possible, stay away from this kind of contract. Invest in things that you can pay as soon as possible but without a draining your money. Moreover, investing in ‘sure ball’ business contract is a much more acceptable than risking your money on business that will give you a headache later on.

The 5 biggest investing

The 5 biggest investing

Top 5 Mistakes New Job Seekers Make

Searching for a job is tough for anyone including qualified individuals who have years of experience. It is mainly because of the presence of numerous job seekers. You can’t find a job opening where only a very few people are vying for a position. Dozens or even hundreds of individuals are trying to get that job. If you are a new job seeker, you’ll most probably have a harder time than others. You can easily commit mistakes especially that you lack experience in job hunting. Here are the top 5 mistakes that new job hopefuls make:

Not knowing what you want

It’s a waste of time to send resumes to a lot of potential employers when you don’t even know what kind of job you want. So before you send out all your resumes, take some time to sit down and know what your ideal job is. You can then make a resume that is goal-oriented and do a focused search.

Having poor interviewing habits

Some bad habits that a lot of new job hopefuls do are talking to the interviewer on first-name basis, slouching in the chair, and not having eye contact. So before you even head to the interview, make sure that you are prepared and you know how to behave when facing the interviewer.

Is it bad luck or some mistake

Is it bad luck or some mistake

Not going to job fairs

Attending job fairs is important especially for new job seekers. It is where you can find a lot of opportunities. You get to meet other attendees who can tell you about other job openings as well as meet company representatives.

Wearing the wrong attire

During an interview, you can expect the recruiter to pay close attention to every move you make. This is why you should dress appropriately. Look professional. It shouldn’t be too casual or sexy. Even if you have a great resume and impressive interviewing skills, you may not get the job because of what you’re wearing.

Failing to follow up

It is important to follow up with the recruiter after an interview. It ensures that the employer has kept you in mind. You can send a brief email that includes your skills, your eagerness to get the job, and your appreciation for their time.

In summary, going to job fairs

In summary, going to job fairs

There are a lot of mistakes you can make when finding a job. Considering that competition is very tough, you should make it a point to avoid these errors. That’s one way to increase your chances of getting hired. Also, whenever you are rejected, try to learn from every experience. Don’t commit the same mistakes again. Never be disheartened. Remember that you’re not the only one having problems looking for work. Be determined and in time you’ll find the perfect job for you.